Introducing Intelligence
to Bicycle Signaling

A fully-featured bicycle lighting and signaling system packaged in two light-weight units that are radio linked and touch actuated. The group ride mode and police model distinguish this product from any other.

Note that this product exists only as a prototype, supported by open-source engineering and manufacturing files which by license may be altered to adapt the signal to the particular brand design. Gore Bike Signals sells only the two programmed devices that operate the system.

Product Details
You’ll Never Need Hand Signals Again!

An Intelligent Solution to the Dangerous Convention of Hand-Signaling.

A micro-controller operating system enables animated turn signals and a Local Area Network to achieve eye-catching changes of direction in traffic, both to oncoming and rear-view traffic.

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The Gore Signal Theory

There are many examples of failed attempts to meet the safety needs of a bicyclist who is trying to signal a traffic turn by using blinking lights. It’s the animated signal that distinguishes this unique system.

Why You’ll Be Noticed & Ride More Safely


Product Details

Designed for Manufacturability

Signal PCBs are designed for automated parts assembly with no external components or wires. This reduces manufacturing costs while ensuring that the product remains robust and durable on the bicycle.
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Learn More About How to Broaden Your Market

To see if the Gore Signal fits your product brand, please contact us to request documentation, or start a conversation to learn how the Gore Signal might strengthen your market options

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