The Secret is Intelligent Signaling

The first bicycle light ever to use smart technology to achieve effective animated turn signaling.

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Micro Processor Control

The use of a micro controller offers infinite flexibility in how the product behaves. Every function is embedded in software and revisions are as simple as modifying the codebase. Some of the functions under processor control are:

  1. Timing of all signals and events
  2. Production of turn signal animations
  3. Production of headlamp patterns
  4. Production of taillamp patterns
  5. Radio messaging, transmit and receive
  6. Monitoring of heat, battery charge, errors, ambient light
  7. Automatic adjustment of all lighting intensity
  8. Security layer management
  9. Network layer topology
  10. Menu interface, entry, selection, and FLASH storage
  11. Touch interface supervision

Theory of Signal Animation

The Power of an Animated Turn Signal

Unlike motorized vehicles, a blinking light on a bicycle fails to convey a movement from left to right or from right to left. The GORE SIGNAL accomplishes both by establishing a point of reference that is directionally animated toward a blinking arrow.

Safety & Signaling

I realized a need for easily actuated turn signals while biking down this steep city street and needing to make a right turn midway down. With cars approaching, removing a hand from the brake lever to wave a right turn felt unsafe.

Configurable Options

The GORE BIKE SIGNAL is engineered for versatile integration into e-powered or conventional frames.
Brand-specific requirements are readily met by the design flexibility in these options:

  1. Actuation Options
  2. Mount point options
  3. Power options
  4. Software options

Actuation Options

Three modes of actuation are offered the user, depending on the handlebar and frame form:

  1. On board touch points. These are located at three locations on the front unit and one on the rear unit
  2. Remote touch points. A pair of L-R touch points are connected to a port on the back of the front unit and may be located where the user can quickly touch one or the other. The touch point is a small piece of Velcro with a small piece of copper tape adhered to the Velcro. A mating piece of Velcro can be adhered to the bike. This is a very inexpensive and easy to manufacture solution that allows the front unit to be mounted far from the user’s hands.
  3. Motorcycle style button switch. One cable connects to a port on the back of the front unit and the switch assembly mounts to the handlebar. The switch includes Left, Right, Main and Horn functions.

Mounting Options

The GORE BIKE SIGNAL has been ridden in its prototypical form since 2014. The housing is printed and screws together from two pieces. The SolidWorks 3D files are made available at no cost and are easily modified for permanent mounting solutions, or they can be used as they are. The 3-D files are all that is needed to produce a mold. In production the lens plate would be bonded to the PCB enclosure, and no screw necessary.

If the housing is used as is, a cradle is provided which encloses the handlebar bracket and its four bolts. The ribbed battery compartment engages grooves in the cradle so that the headlight can be adjusted for optimum road spotting.

Both the front and the rear units, as they are, provide tabs for a ladder style band to wrap around the handlebar or the seat post for dependable and shock-mounted installation. The rear unit can be attached to virtually any object that provides a loop or post. The elastic bands that wrap the bar keep the unit tight in its cradle.

Headlamp and Tail Lamp

The headlamp is built on to the PCB and features a high lumen Cree XLamp® XM-L White LED, powered by a proprietary buck-boost driver circuit that runs cool and delivers almost all its power to the LED. The lens is a 14 degree parabolic reflector assembly that adheres to the PCB and encloses the LED. A user menu can select among several standard blink patterns, full on, or a ramp pattern that is unique to the GORE BIKE SIGNAL. This headlamp is comparable to the brightest conventional headlamps available.

In the rear unit there is a stand-alone tail light which is lit from 15 high brightness ruby-red LEDs. The user can select among several eye-catching patterns that no vehicle will fail to notice.

Radio Network Link

The front and rear units are digitally linked through a high-speed radio to form a peer-to-peer network. The GORE BIKE SIGNAL does not use Bluetooth technology. The radio protocol is engineered to be proprietary and safe from hacking.

The antenna shown here is printed onto the PCB etch. Its form factor and beam patterns were developed in conjunction with the Gonzaga U. engineering SARL lab.

On initial power-up, the front and rear units will generate encryption signatures and will exchange and save the keys to FLASH memory. That ensures the security of each pair of GORE BIKE SIGNALS. Every command that is transmitted between the units checks for the correct key.

Group Ride Mode

The internet topology of the GORE SIGNAL can be configured as a star network, with a group leader in command of the upcoming turns, and the following members of the group all linked to the leader.

Police Lighting Mode

A police version of the GORE SIGNAL includes all the regular features of the turn signal and running lights, but with flashing blue and red patterns. In designing the police lighting, a mounted officer with the Spokane Police Dept provided technical and operational guidelines in order to comply with regulations. The police lighting is easily actuated to active or inactive states.

Status LEDs

Two status LEDs are visible to the user in GREEN and RED. They indicate operational status and alerts. These are some of the messages the LEDs are coded to convey:

  • Linked status
  • Turn signal direction
  • Battery voltage level
  • Charging progress
  • Internal warnings and errors

User Features

Following lists just some of the built-in features that the user can enjoy and explore while riding with the GORE BIKE SIGNAL

  • Pedestrian alert; touch actuated, this alert gets the attention of walkers, talkers, lollygaggers, and other pedestrians in your path.
  • Menu selected head-lamp and tail-light patterns
  • Ambient light detection sets the optimum brightness of the signal LEDs and headlamp
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery holds sufficient charge for many days of reliable riding
  • Group ride mode. Menu activated.
  • System power down from front unit
  • Internal tests of battery voltage, heat, ambient light, etc.
  • Status LEDs indicate battery life, warning conditions, and operational status
  • Brake signal is touch activated and relayed to rear unit
  • Ultra-low power in sleep (off) state
  • Automatic shutdown after one hour of inactivity
  • Touch activated “travel mode” responds to luggage or other objects which contact the POWER ON touch button for more than a few seconds
  • Audible affirmation to user operations and signal activity
  • Radio link integrity check detects problems with low power and field interference

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