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The GORE BIKE SIGNAL is a prototypical system that is fully featured and functions as a stand-alone pair of lighting units. Any custom design is derivative and may be modified by form factor, actuation scheme, and input voltage.
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A Little About Dan

Daniel Gore is recently retired from a career in product engineering. With degrees in electrical engineering, and experience in software and hardware development, Dan, an avid bicycle commuter, realized a concept for effective and safe signaling that has proven to be a life saver in traffic.
In his spare time, Dan plays bluegrass music in a local band. He enjoys dancing with his wife and mountain biking with a group of friends. Competitive tennis is another passion of his.

Why Gore Bike Signals?

Have the Market Advantage

Of the many factors that result in bicycle-automobile collisions, visibility and change of direction top the list. There are no human or e-powered vehicles on the road today that can indicate a change of direction. The GORE BIKE SIGNAL will not only encourage more riders to use a bike, this unique safety light will distinguish a bicycle brand in a crowded and competitive market.

Gore Signal In Use

Collaborative Solutions

It should be stressed that the GORE BIKE SIGNAL exists only as a working prototype, supported by all the engineering documentation necessary to make custom and adaptive modifications. There is not any one configuration we could have produced in quantity that would meet the many particular needs of the market. Color, size, mounting, actuation, and the many software options are left to the product engineers who wish to work with GORE BIKE SIGNALS. We have worked with quite a few engineering groups in Spokane WA to achieve this breakthrough technology. They are all capable of engineering the changes and manufacturing the quantity of units you need. Some of the services we can assist with are:

  • Electrical and electronic modifications
  • PCB board layout
  • Mechanical housing and lens rendered in molds for mass
  • High volume assembly of the circuit board and population of all components
  • Changes to software
Work with Gore Signals

Learn More About How to Broaden Your Market

To see if the Gore Signal fits your product brand, please contact us to request documentation, or start a conversation to learn how the Gore Signal might strengthen your market options

Business and Technical Papers

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  • Getting Started
  • Group Ride Mode
  • Product One-Sheet
  • Specs and Options
  • User Manual
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